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Plus Size Clothing: Stylish Looks For Large Women

Some while back, good looking clothing was simply not available for women with a big or tall frame. Big men, on the other hand, have had

Plus Sizes

Stylish Alternatives in Plus Sizes

specialty shops for decades. Well, if you’re a large woman, you certainly don’t need to settle for baggy dresses and clothing lacking in flair. Trendy plus size clothing is designed for you, in styles which emphasize your best features, minimize flaws and make a trendy fashion statement all in a single garment. You’re no longer limited in your choice of manufacturers or styles. The trendy plus size women’s clothing market is now trendy, booming and fiercely competitive. There are plenty of options to choose from, with designers vying for your business, both at the mall and particularly, online.

The trendy plus size clothing lines include office, casual and dress wear. Designers and buyers look for clothing that’s especially complimentary to a larger women. Just as a skinny Minnie looks gaunt and unattractive in a vertically striped dress, so there are patterns, cuts and detailing you want to avoid. For example, a skirt cut on the bias enhances a graceful appearance for you, while a pencil skirt style with pleating at the waistband is both uncomfortable and unattractive. When designers and buyers focus on your needs, they keep these parameters in mind, incorporating today’s trendy looks in costumes that have you looking chic and up to date.

When shopping some of the trendy plus size clothing boutiques or department store lines at the mall, consult with a fitter to become familiar with the clothing styles that look best on you. If your weight is evenly distributed, almost everything carried in such boutiques will look well on you. If your thighs are quite heavy, ask the fitter’s advice on styles that will visually balance your figure most attractively. In this case, a longer jacket worn with pants creates an optical illusion of greater balance, whereas a jacket with a fitted waistline may only emphasize your thighs.

Remember, too, that just because a clothing style is trendy, doesn’t necessarily make it a good choice for you. Women with skinny frames face the same problem. Trendy doesn’t equal attractive, unless it suits your body and proportions, showing them to best advantage.

There are thousands of online trendy plus size clothing boutiques. When you feel you’ve got a handle on cuts, styles and patterns that are best for you, take a cruise around the net. Online boutiques which specialize in trendy plus size clothing usually feature accessories and jewelry items which are coordinated with the clothing on offer. Ethnic clothing is now a popular fashion trend, as are Impressionistic styles, modeled after paintings by such masters as Monet and others. In short, there’s a lot of choices out there now. Throw out those moo-moos and be a fashion diva!