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Hamburger Seasoning For Burgers Done Just Right!

Hamburger SeasoningDo you want to know about hamburger seasoning? Do you want to find out where you can find or how you can make your own hamburger seasoning? Well if you read this article you will find some answers, suggestions and advice regarding hamburger seasoning. But let’s not put the cart before the horse, as my grandma used to say. Let’s start with the beginning, namely hamburgers, and we’ll get to hamburger seasoning a bit later. The hamburger seems to be perceived as an American food, but it actually originates in Germany. Although the name hamburger contains an important ingredient, the ham, there is normally no ham in a hamburger.

Then where does the name come from? Germany. Haven’t I said this before? It comes from the German city of Hamburg. It was originally a Hamburg steak. The hamburger (or burger) is a kind of sandwich which consists of a cooked ground meat patty, usually beef, set in a sliced bun or between pieces of bread or toast. Hamburgers are often served with different condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish and others as well as lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and cheese. Having said that about the extras used with hamburgers, we are getting to the actual hamburger seasoning itself. A recipe calling for ‘hamburger’ would require ground beef or beef substitute, it does not mean the whole sandwich. If you add some cheese to a hamburger, it becomes a cheeseburger.
What is a hamburger made with and from? A high-quality hamburger should be made entirely of ground beef and seasonings. A hamburger that contains no major ingredients besides beef may be referred to as an “all beef hamburger” or “all beef patties” to distinguish them from inexpensive hamburgers made with added flour, textured vegetable protein or other fillers to decrease their cost. Some cooks prepare the patties for hamburgers with binders, such as eggs or bread crumbs, and seasonings, such as, parsley, onions, soy sauce, Thousand Island dressing, onion soup mix, or Worcestershire sauce.

So as you can see, the hamburger seasoning part of making a hamburger, and, actually any other kind of food or dish, requires some seasoning. If you do not resort to hamburger seasoning then your culinary creation will not be complete or tasty. How do you deal with the hamburger seasoning part of the preparation process? Well, there are two ways: you either buy and add to your hamburger some hamburger seasoning products provided by different firms, or you can make your own hamburger seasoning, which is not at all difficult or demanding. Hamburger seasoning can be done with a minimum of effort and maximum payoff.