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Fresh Flowers: Preserve That Special Memory Forever

Wedding Bouquet from Paulas Flowers of Old Basing
Image by Christopher_Hawkins via Flickr

Fresh flowers are truly a display of natures beauty. They can easily brighten up not only a room, but a person’s mood as well. Fresh flower bouquets make wonderful birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts. The only downside to cut flowers is that their beauty fades, and they wither too quickly. However, the beauty doesn’t have to fade away so soon, because there is a way to capture the essence of the flower, forever.

Preserving fresh flowers isn’t a difficult process. It can easily be done and once completed you have a tangible memory of the arrangement and the occasion it marked.

One of the first steps in preserving fresh flowers is to spray the flowers with hair spray. The hair spray helps to preserve the color of the flowers. Next you’ll want to hang the flowers upside down in a dark, dry and cool place. This can be a closest or in a basement if you have one in your home.

Once the flowers have dried significantly you can place them in a vase again or arrange them in another manner without having to worry about them spoiling.

A very popular method for preserving fresh flowers is to press them. Pressing them involves placing them between two pieces of wax paper or paper towel. Once you’ve done that you’ll place them in a book and then place several books on top. The weight presses the flower into a flat position.

This preservation technique enables you to use them as additions to photo albums, scrap books or picture frames. Many newlyweds utilize this after their weddings. By preserving fresh flowers from their special day they can place them in a frame along with a wedding photo.

When preserving fresh flowers it’s important to begin the process before the flowers die. If you wait too long the flowers will lose their color, and the preservation process won’t bring the color back, so you’ll be left with darkened, unattractive, flowers.

If you like the appearance of preserved flowers but you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, many craft stores sell them already done. They see the appeal in preserving fresh flowers for their customer’s convenience and they will have a new assortment available regularly.

Many people utilize this and incorporate the flowers into craft projects for their home. Without the time or effort involved with preserving fresh flowers they can still enjoy their beauty.

Preserving fresh flowers is a lovely way of capturing a special memory. If you’ve received flowers on your anniversary or for the birth of a new baby, consider preserving them so they can be a reminder of that very special day when your wold became a little brighter.