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Customize Any Room With Wall Mounted Shelving

Walls, walls, and walls! We live in a world of walls in our workplace and at home. But how many times have we thought about using and decorating them to create a perfect aesthetic mix for our environment, to find a better place for our valuables, and to make them accessible? Have you even thought about buying wall mounted shelving for yourself? If not, you could be missing out on one of the easiest ways to customize your living space.

Wall mounted shelving is a piece of furniture which facilitates display, storage, and organization of heterogeneous items. It delivers functionality and beauty in one package. You can display books, family pictures, plates, shields, trophies, coffee mugs, paintings, arts and crafts, and toothbrushes etc. There are even sliding shelves and swivels for your TV, expensive plasma screens, surround sound systems, CD/DVD changers, cable box, and computer monitors (including LCDs).

There are plenty of shelving options available, in all different price ranges. Wall mounted shelves can be floating, or rolling. A floating shelf uses a wall anchor to fix the shelf by screws or brackets without using traditional support. They feature simple Do-it-Yourself (DIY) assembly, easy accessibility, and support for items. Generally they are used in kitchen and bathroom to give you the much-needed counter for your brushes, shaving kits, combs, and spices. Rolling shelf is wall mounted shelving unit featuring adjustable shelf for taller items. The shelf rolls back to original state after any change in storage.

Wall mounted shelving is available in a variety of metals, silhouette, colors, and formation. Generally it is a decorative wooden shelf. However it can also be made from metal, wire, and aluminum. You can choose your favorite material and finish to blend with your décor. Take a combination of oak, maple, and mahogany with a polish, veneer, or leather finish and you have a slick shelf.

You can use wall mounted shelving in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room, TV lounge, library, garage, basement, shed, or any other room in your house. Every corner of your house will benefit from it.

Glass shelves are in vogue these days due to their neat and trendy look. They can be used in bathrooms and kitchens for providing extra storage for towels and brushes for the guests. Use Corner shelving for family pictures, and baby toys. Wooden shelves are used in a host of ways other than the obvious use as a book shelf.

Wall mounted shelving is a recent phenomenon. While they have been traditionally used for storing books and art works, the development of electronics industry, ceramics, and modern art has paved the way for more versatile use of this invaluable storage solution. Create a slick and trendy interior in your home with the right shelving options for your space.