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Wedding Reception Invitations: Let Them Know Its A Celebration!

For those of you who like to add a touch of personality to everything; wedding reception invitations might appeal to you. If you feel strongly about your wedding not being a carbon copy of someone else’s, personalized wedding reception invitations will let you do things your own way.

There are many reasons why you may want to have wedding reception invitations rather than invitations for the entire day. If you are having a small wedding, but you want to invite more people to the reception, this is the way to go. You may want to get married with just a few witnesses, but then have a reception to celebrate. You may not get married locally, but would like to come home after your ceremony to have a gathering with friends and family. You could need to have a gathering in two different areas for two families, so two receptions are needed. This is when the reception invitation takes center stage.

For great wedding reception invitations, you want to be clear that you are inviting someone to a reception to celebrate the marriage, but that the ceremony is not included. You can add as much detail as you wish, or you can leave it short and sweet. Some get offended at not being invited to the ceremony, so if you think that is going to be the case, be clear about the small, private ceremony you are planning and that you are inviting everyone to reception only. That makes sure there are fewer hurt feelings without having to explain too much on the day of your reception.

If your reception is the main part of the day, say so with special wedding reception invitations. These are going to look and sound a bit different than the traditional invitations that you would use for ceremony and reception, but they do not have to be small afterthoughts like other reception invitations tend to be. They can be bold and fun, or you can make them as elegant as you like. You can, as with traditional invitations, make them a reflection of the type of reception you are planning to have. Use your wedding colors and theme, and make them special to you as a couple.

You don’t have to worry about making these on your own. They are not as commonly used as the ceremony and reception wedding package, but you can get them made and printed by the same companies. You can also make them on your own with a little imagination and the right materials that you can buy in a craft or office supply store, or with materials that you can order online. Make them big or small, ornate or simple – but make them to fit your style and personality. Also, don’t forget to save a few for framing or weddnig scrapbooks.