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Update Your Skills With Adult Education Classes

Adult education classes – In this uncertain economic climate, I feel that I should do everything I can to increase my value as an employee and make myself more marketable if I get laid off. I want to give my bosses lots of reasons to keep me around for a long, long time. Unfortunately, I’m in a rather precarious situation already, since I don’t have the same qualifications as many of my colleagues; with most of them have college degrees in fields directly related to our line of work, but I don’t. I have a ton of practical experience, which definitely helps, but that’s not always enough. That’s why I’m checking into adult education classes right now.

Adult education classes are a great way for me to update my skills without completely disrupting my life. From what I’ve seen thus far, there are numerous options for taking courses for both personal enrichment and college credit, giving me even greater flexibility in terms of how I can proceed.

One option is to take adult education classes at a nearby campus or even online. I know of several community colleges in the area, as well as a couple of bigger universities that grant Bachelor’s degrees. One possible plan would be to start by taking basic courses at a community college, where tuition is cheaper, and then to transfer to a university in order to finish off my degree.  Or, I could just take all of my adult education classes at a community college and emerge with an Associate’s degree in the end. Sure, this isn’t as prestigious as a Bachelor’s degree, but it would at least provide me with some kind of credential in my field and give me a decent foundation to build on. And I can always parlay the Associate’s degree into a Bachelor’s degree by transferring to a different school at a later date.

Another possibility is to take adult education classes without pursuing a degree. While this route probably wouldn’t be as beneficial for my career in the long run, it’s far more economical than committing to a four-year program. By taking specific adult education classes that I know would help me on the job, I could earn a professional certificate instead of a degree. A certificate could still work to solidify my value to the company, as it would show that I am dedicated to professional development and am continually striving to better myself.

Thanks to the Internet and my relative proximity to a bunch of different campuses, I shouldn’t have any trouble finding quality, affordable adult education classes that will help me get ahead in my career. Whether I end up choosing to study online or in the classroom, I’m excited to begin this next phase in my personal growth. It gives me a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence that I had not felt in years. I just hope my employer recognizes my commitment as well!