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Renaissance Clothing

Renaissance clothing was very frequently about ostentatious designs that displayed the wealth of the wearer. The renaissance saw the rise of a new and elite merchant class, and they Realistic Renaissance Clothingoften sought to show off their new found wealth through their clothing. Renaissance clothing ranged from the simple and utilitarian design of the peasant, to the elaborate clothing of the merchant and royal classes. Renaissance clothing can often be seen in theatrical and film portrayals, as this is a popular age in history.

Renaissance clothing of the peasant usually entailed something simple, usually made out of wool, that served its purpose from day to day. The peasant frequently only a handful of clothes, so renaissance clothing of this variety had to be sturdy and long lasting. The peasant focused not on style and comfort, but on utilitarian purposes. Garments were frequently made out of tough materials like wool, and so were not very comfortable, although they could last for many years.

Surviving renaissance garments are rare, because clothing tends to break down and disappear over time. Although the structures and writings of the renaissance are well preserved, the clothing of that age is not so well preserved. Through that writing, and through drawings, however, the style of the age is still well preserved. Renaissance clothing frequently had an emphasis on style and display of wealth. Women’s renaissance clothing typically emphasized their features with vibrant bursting colors, long trains, and elaborate jewelry.

The royal and upper class mens clothing of the age had a similar focus in promoting the knowledge of their wealth and status. Renaissance clothing commonly focused on emphasizing the presence of wealth with an ever shifting focus on style. Styles shifted just as frequently during the renaissance as they do today, or perhaps even more.

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