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Gifts For The Sporty Women On Your Christmas List

Exercise Clothing For The Sporty Woman On Your List Every woman knows that winter is when we all tend to pack on a few pounds – cold weather and holiday celebrations encourage hearty appetites! Then, we’ve still got to look fetching, despite the Valentine candies coming our way. Come spring, women’s thoughts turn to that summer bikini. So, the bottom line is, women want to look good year ’round. Exercise is certainly part of the solution!


Some people (especially men!) are wary of presenting a gift such as women’s exercise clothing, fearing it will possibly be received as a veiled insult, “Oh, so you think I’m fat?” Au Contraire! How about “Wow, what a great gift!” Fashionable women’s exercise clothing gives a woman inspiration, to keep that New Year’s resolution and actually get out and exercise, (looking good), drop a few pounds and be fit and trim. This gift lets you give friends and family a nudge in the right direction. We all know we should get more exercise and, why not do it in style?


When choosing the type of women’s exercise clothing for your lady, consider what kind of exercise she goes in for, running, yoga, skating, bowling or vigorous workout regimens in the living room. A full leotard suit is comfortable, attractive and easy to wash out every day and is a good choice for indoor workouts or that yoga or aerobics class. Sweats with fleecy linings are soft against the body and keep her cozy as she jogs. BTW, sweats don’t have to be those gym class plain Janes anymore. You can buy designer sweats, with fancy trims and slimming cuts that are lovely looking … good enough for a trip to the mall!


For the cool weather jogger or bicyclist, get her a full set of silk long johns with a pair of color coordinated or contrasting shorts. The silk is oh-so-luxurious and keeps her warm and feminine. This choice of women’s exercise clothing is one of the most popular and versatile. While practical, silk also makes women feel beautiful. As a little ‘stocking stuffer’ addition to your gift, sports bras and decorated socks (not tubes!) are lady pleasers as well.


If you need assistance in choosing the right type of women’s exercise clothing for the intended purpose, the sports shop’s clothing staff can help. If you’re shopping online, most clothing websites have considerable guidance in the description of different items. As for size, if your gift is for your Mom or sister, all you need do is look in her closet for size labels. Barring this type of investigation, you might simply ask the lady, or check with the store to be sure the clothing you purchase may be exchanged.

If you haven’t shopped for sports clothing lately, you may be shocked at how fashionable women’s exercise clothing has become, there’s some very irresistible stuff out there!