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A Little Help For Painful Feet

Painful Feet Your feet take a beating each and every day. They hold you up, move you around, and help do things like drive your car and shovel your garden. While we are good at taking care of our skin, hands, and other body parts, and we watch out for things like cancer, high cholesterol, and other health ailments, we rarely pay any attention to our hard working feet. Almost everyone will have days and even weeks when they have painful feet for whatever reason. Take some time to take care of your feet so they can continue to take care of you.

The first part of taking care of your painful feet is to figure out why they are hurting so much. It could be that you have been doing something that caused temporary pain, and stopping that activity is the easiest way to get rid of the pain. Usually, however, we don’t know right away what the problem might be and why we have painful feet. It could be an activity, the way we are walking, a certain type or pair of shoes, or perhaps there is a medical issue that needs to be addressed. All of these things are very common reasons for pain in the feet and up the legs.

Womens shoes are often a cause of painful feet, though many feel that they have to put up with the pain to keep up with fashion. High heels hold the feet and the body in a very unnatural position and should not be worn every day. If you could see what can happen to your feet from the long term use of high heels, you may not think they are as sexy as you thought they were. If you want to wear them, wear them only on certain occasions. Do not wear them each day and your feet will thank you for it.

Some issues with painful feet can be physical problems that crop up as you age or from activities like running and exercise. Feet have special challenges that can pop up like corns and blisters that may come from your feet rubbing the wrong way on your shoes or just from too much use. Once you notice either problem, take the time to treat and care for your painful feet and your pain should go away rather soon. Don’t forget to see a doctor about bunions, as they may not go away on their own no matter what treatment you try.

You may also have painful feet just because you do not baby your feet like you should. If you walk around barefoot at home quite often, and do not think much about your feet, you could end up with dry skin accumulations on the bottoms of your feet. This is normal and not always painful, but this can hurt if left to dry and crack. Take a few minutes each week to scrub the bottoms of your feet with pumice stone when they are still wet from the shower or bath to take off some of that skin. That should help keep them in decent shape so you won’t have to worry about each step each day being a pain in your feet.