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Belly Fat: The Confidence Killer

Belly Fat Kills Your Confidence... You have made great strides when it comes to your physical well-being. You have started going to bed at a decent hour, and rising with the sun. You have taken to exercising three to five times a week, you are even lifting weights and watching what you eat. You have lost weight, people have noticed, even your clothes are starting to fit your body differently. But there is one thing that is not right, one niggling detail that threatens to undermine all the hard work you have been doing to get your body and your self on track and in control: Belly Fat.

Most women, and some men, who make a change for the better in their lifestyle will agree that of all the areas of the body where losing weight seems difficult, the belly area and belly fat are the most difficult of all to banish.

Belly fat should not leave you feeling like a victim, especially not when you the individual have been working so hard and for so long to get your body to a place where you are happy and confident. Sometimes it helps to understand the source of a our problems in order to remedy them, so let us do that with belly fat and see if it changes our perspective on our problem. Belly fat is different than the other fat deposits that collect in other parts of our bodies.

Belly fat is comprised of two different types of fat.

When people first begin to exercise, most find that they lose weight from their belly immediately, but then it begins to stop. What causes this? Most likely, you can put the blame on stress.

So, to rid yourself of stubborn belly fat, start by managing your stress levels. Studies have shown that belly fat is more likely to stay belly fat in individuals with higher stress levels. Decreasing your daily stress levels will increase your likelihood of eliminating it. In addition to removing stress factors from your daily life, you might try adding a new element to your daily exercise regime.

The body can become acclimated to exercise routines over time. Taking on a class, like Pilates, that is geared specifically towards your core area will help you tone, strengthen and shape that stubborn belly area, and will surely eliminate that spare tire around your waist.