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Keeping Your Tile Flooring Looking New

Keep Tile Flooring Looking NewTile flooring can be a beautiful addition to any room. Kitchens and bathrooms are the traditional areas where you want to have tile, but you can use this material in almost any room in your home. This is great material in rooms where moisture can be a problem, as they keep your sub floor dry and they are easy to clean. However, there is nothing saying you can not have it anywhere you wish. Some types are easier than others to keep clean, but you should pay them some detailed attention at least a few times a year to ensure your tile looks good for years to come.

White tile is a favorite, but it is also the hardest to keep clean. Look for a type that has a seal on it so that stains will come out as long as you get to them soon enough. Anyone who has ever made marinara sauce in the kitchen knows that some will end up on the floor eventually no matter how neat or careful you are when making it. Look for tile flooring that is stain resistant and that can be mopped easily when you need it to be. Some types suck in water rather than repel it, which means it stains easily and can not be wet mopped very often. Be practical for the life of your flooring.

When it comes time to clean white tile flooring that may not be as bright as it use to be, think about using a cleaner that is compatible with bleach. You can then add a small amount of bleach to your bucket to take your tile flooring from dingy to new looking. Some cleaners will have a bad chemical reaction with bleach, so use care when choosing what you are going to mix. If in doubt, call the company that makes your tile cleaner for advice. A bad chemical reaction can be deadly if inhaled for too long.

The grout around your tile flooring is also a problem for some people. That marinara sauce may come right up off of the tile, but it may sink right into your grout. If you have chosen a dark color for your grout, this may not be a problem, but many people with white tile flooring also choose a light colored grout. It may take you a while, but you may want to take a toothbrush or scrub brush to your grout at least twice a year. This will clean it far better than mopping every could. Add some bleach (if safe) when your grout has been discolored.

Fix loose pieces of tile flooring as soon as you notice a problem. If water gets under a tile it will get under the tiles around it. After a while, this can spell disaster. You will find your tiles are coming up and you may have to redo your entire floor. You may also notice that you have damage to the floor underneath. Have extra tile around so that you can fix any problems when they happen whether an entire tile comes up or one breaks or cracks. Quick attention and good cleaning practices can ensure you have a lovely tile flooring for years to come.