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Dirt Cake

A dirt cake is a fairly popular dessert treat. It’s often served at parties for children. Kids love it because it resembles dirt. Eating dirt is kind of funny.Dirt Cakes Are Delicious

When kids eat real dirt instead of a dirt cake it can be cause for alarm. It could be a sign of mental retardation. It’s also dangerous. If there has recently been animal feces in the dirt a child could develop an infestation of parasites. Lead poisoning can also come from eating dirt. It’s normal for children to eat a little bit of dirt. But some children go too far. It could be a result of anemia. That is having an iron efficiency in the blood. In such a case a vitamin or supplement that contains iron will help the child kick the habit.

Dirt cake isn’t really cake. It’s really pudding, cookie crumbs, some type of whipped dessert topping, and a few other simple ingredients. It’s often made in a flower pot. And it can be served with a small shovel to further carry out the pretend game of eating dirt. It can even be topped with gummy worms or candy flowers.

Many recipes for dirt cake can be found online. Perform a Google search. It will result in over 420,000 Web links. Surely you’ll find a recipe you like in all of that. Most of the recipes are fairly similar.

Dirt cake is prepared by crushing sandwich cookies, such as Oreos. There is generally a layer of pudding, followed by a layer of cream, followed by a layer of cookie crumbs, followed by a layer of pudding, etc. The top layer of cookie crumbs is usually added just before serving to maintain the texture of dirt. Overall it’s a very clever desert.

If you’re on a diet get ready to cheat if you’re going to serve or eat dirt cake. It’s a combination of pudding, cookies, dessert topping, and other fattening ingredients. Typically a serving will have over 900 calories, nearly 50 Grams of fat, and nearly 100 Grams of carbohydrates. People who are into reading labels will understand just how bad that is.

Dirt cake can fit in to a well-balanced diet. It’s all about moderation. Eat a very small piece. Or make sure it’s the one food you eat during the week that’s off the diet. Diets are a matter of longer term. If your calories and nutrition are under control on a day to day basis, than once in awhile splurging isn’t out of the question.

Dirt cake is delicious even though it’s not nutritious.