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Are You Really Tired After Eating?

Almost everyone gets tired after they eat a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas day. However, no matter what you may have heard, there is nothing in turkey that makes a person tired. It is Are You Tired After Eatingmore about the type of and amount of food that a person usually eats for these big family celebration meals. If you have fatigue after eating these meals, you are quite normal. If you find that you are getting tired after each and every meal that you eat no matter what you are eating or the time of day, you may have something else going on.

Digestion may be something that you do not think about doing, as your body just does it automatically, but it takes more energy than you think. Most people find that they have slight fatigue after eating for this very reason, but it does not cause a huge problem for them. They may feel slightly tired for ten or fifteen minutes as digestion kicks in, but they are fine after that. Your body puts digestion as a priority, so your energy is steered in that direction, taking away from other things you wish to do.

When you eat a large meal, fatigue after eating is a result of your digestive system working overtime to get all of that food processed through your system. As you can imagine, you are going to be more tired if your system has to do more work. Taking a nap after a big meal is not just a tradition for some people, it is a matter of being drained of energy because the body is working so hard on that rather large meal. This may be why the myth of a chemical in turkey being the culprit, as most people overeat at a Thanksgiving or other holiday meal.

Some people feel a bit off and also feel fatigue after eating a normal meal. This is enough to make them take notice. At times, this could be partially due to a gall bladder problem. It could also be due to very poor food choices. Some foods are harder to digest than others, so they sit in the stomach for longer and that means more energy is lost in digestion. Fatty meals are notorious for making people tired after eating and also for feeling a bit queasy. Cut out some, but not all, of the fat you eat to help with this problem.

Think hard about what you are eating and take note of when you are the most tired after you are done with a meal. You can find your own clues as to why you are suffering from fatigue after eating any type of food. Through a process of elimination, you can decide which foods are hardest on your body and you can cut down on how often you eat them. You can also try to eat smaller and more frequent meals so your system is not bogged down with three larger meals each day. If your fatigue after eating becomes a huge problem, talk to your doctor about possible medical reasons for your problem.