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Bikini Devil

Search for the term bikini devil on Google and you will find a variety of websites. Not all of them are the same. Primarily these will be for the devil costumes that are somewhat bikini like, and a rather popular adult website called, of course, bikini devil. It might be a good idea to keep the kids away from the search results. It might also be a good idea to keep your wife away from the search results. That is unless she’s the one doing the search.

First let’s discuss those bikini devil costumes. Most of them have nothing to do with bikinis, but they have everything to do with devils. They’ll be red, like the color of the devil. Some even include a pitchfork and horns. But the closest they get to the look of a bikini, is a top and skirt reminiscent of the old style bathing suits possibly worn by your great great great grandmother. These can hardly be called bikinis.

Costumes with sex appeal, at least for adults, are quite popular for Halloween. The bikini devil, and again although not much of a bikini, fills the bill for a little bit of sex appeal in the spirit of Halloween fun. One can probably make a very good costume of this nature simply by purchasing a red bikini and adding a plastic pitchfork and horns from the local Wal-Mart. That would likely cost a lot less than the store-bought costumes. And it could be worn at the beach during the summer.

Enough about that. Now on to the website bikini devil. This site is possibly misnamed, just as the costume. Because while it does have a lot to do with bikini clad women, there is also a lot of nudity. There are even some depictions of what many people might call X-rated activities. That’s where the warning for the kids comes in. Children might see bikinis at the beach, but much of the content on this website is best left to adult eyes and sensitivities. It’s also not something you want to browse while at work. Although, many people have been known to look at this type of site while on the Internet at the library.

Bikini devil receives a lot of top rankings from sites that review adult type websites. Many of the sites, the review sites that is, are really nothing more than affiliates for these adult sites. Therefore, there are views must be taken with a grain of salt.

So there it is. A bikini devil isn’t just a fallen angel in a swimsuit.

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