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Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

Summer weddings have always been popular, and it seems as though they’re on the rise. Summer is a great time to have a wedding, particularly now that many people are starting to get married outside, or hold their reception in a venue that is outside. These sorts of outdoor weddings allow wedding parties to make the most of beautiful summer weather. However, summer weddings also imply summer wedding dresses. Since the wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the wedding, it’s a good idea to ensure that the dress you have selected is properly suited to the weather.

Summer wedding dresses look best when they’re fairly light in tone. Stick with pale summery colors for your wedding dress. While white is the usual stand by, creams, yellows, and peaches can all be very well suited to summer hues and weather. However, do note that very dark dresses may look out of place in the dark summer light. They may also show up perspiration marks, which can be an issue if you live in a warm environment, or even if your wedding day is simply uncharacteristically warm.

The best summer wedding dresses are made from fabrics that are well suited to summer weather. If the weather is going to be warm, you don’t want to be weighed down with large amounts of fabric. Consider this when you’re picking out a dress with a long train or with heavy gathering.  Try to stick with something that’s fairly slim fitting, but that won’t cling to you or make you feel overly hot. Avoid very heavy textured fabrics, or fabrics that weigh a lot. These can be difficult to carry around on a warm day, and you may find yourself wishing you’d opted for something lighter.

Another thing to think about when considering summer wedding dresses is the length of the dress. Very long dresses may be very heavy, or even look too heavy for a summer wedding. However, you don’t want a dress that’s too short and insubstantial, either. If your wedding is a beach wedding, you’ll likely want something that doesn’t drag on the ground. However, at a garden or indoor wedding, a longer dress will probably be fine. You can always purchase a dress where the train can be removed as needed. This will give you greater flexibility depending on the weather and the venue of the event.

You may want some light accessories to go with your summer wedding dress. If your reception continues late into the night, bear in mind that the weather may suddenly cool. There’s always the possibility that the weather will take a bad turn. With this in mind, think about purchasing some accessories such as a wrap or an elegant shawl to protect you from poor weather or a late night chill. Purchasing this ahead of time means that you’ll have a beautiful item that will match the rest of your outfit. This is essential, particularly as a wedding always entails a great number of wedding photographers!