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Do You Have Unclaimed Money Out There?

If you have ever dreamed of free money, you know that it is a rare event indeed that someone comes up to you and wants to hand you money out of the blue. That just does

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not happen unless you happen to win something – but the chances of that are one in a million. You know that you have to earn money to have money. However, there are some times when you have unclaimed money out there of which you had no idea you had. It could be that it was or is yours, or that it belongs to someone in your family. This happens more often than you think.

Unclaimed money can come from many different sources. While there are some people who stay in the same home for their entire lives, some move around quite a bit. Moving around is more normal today than those that have one house and stay there. When you move, you must have deposits for some of your utilities in some cases. If you have ever paid a deposit and forgotten about it, it might be unclaimed money in your name that is waiting for you to remember it is there. If they can not find you or did not give it to you when you closed your account, they still have to give it to you.

You may also find unclaimed money that is out there that belongs to someone in your family. This happens most often when someone has passed away and the account was closed but no one thought to ask about a deposit. Though this person has passed on, the money is still theirs, and technically goes to someone who was in the will. Whomever was the executor of someone’s will is the person that can get this unclaimed money and give it to the proper family member.

Unclaimed money goes beyond deposits for utilities. There many cases of money that was not claimed which was someone’s tax refund or some type of benefit. You may think that no one would forget that they have money coming to them, but it happens all of the time. Some file their taxes and move without a forwarding address, not realizing they just left their tax refund behind. They have some time to claim it though it will not sit there forever. If you have missed a tax return, you may be able to get it now.

The great thing about unclaimed money is that it is not limited to the things above, and it could be that you have an inheritance you did not know about. Perhaps you could not be found when someone died and you had no idea you were mentioned in their will. It could be just about anything. It may sound too good to be true, but you should check your name and those of your family in an unclaimed money database to see if something comes up. If something does, you should see what you have to do to get what is yours or to help someone in your family claim their money.

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