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Innocent Dream

Dreamer Red Strokes
Image by Strangelittlerebel via Flickr

The name Innocent Dream applies to a number of very different things. The exploration of these different things shows the diversity of life.

One example of something called innocent dream is a photo posted on the popular website Flickr. It consists of blue flowers in the foreground with their leaves blurred in the background. It appears to be a photo that has been treated in Photoshop to become HD. That means the colors are unusually vivid in the future portions of the photo are unusually crisp. It received a large number of views as well as many accolades from the people who saw it. The poster asks, are all your dreams innocent? And then the poster concludes that if you claim they are, you must be lying.

Although they don’t have the title innocence dream there are many other photos posted on Flickr that match the search term innocent dream. One of them is a photo taken from a low angle of the Dark Duomo. It’s a cathedral in Milan. Mark Twain wrote about it. Another photo is the boy by the Ganges. It begins describing the boy sitting alone on the bank of the river. The river is overflowing, and the boy carries an umbrella. The poem goes on to discuss the boy’s thoughts. Oddly the boy in the photo does not hold an umbrella.

Many of the things named innocent dream can be found with a Google search. The phrase searching Google returns 575,000 results. Google is fast. It takes only .07 seconds to return all of these. That’s a lot of results. Most people never go to page 10 of results much less page one thousand or page 10,000. Results on those pages start deviating from the intended meaning of the search phrase.

Another innocent dream is an artist who posts on the website deviant Art. This person’s art includes haunting drawings of children. They seem to be done in somewhat of a manga style. But there are 24 pictures in this person’s gallery. Not all of them are of people. One appears to be a stylized drawing of scrolls. Another is a stylized painting of brushes. That’s something of a self-portrait.

Many people say the Internet is for pornography. Innocent dream is no different. It’s the name of a pornography portal site. It includes links to many popular pornography portals. This isn’t material appropriate for children. Some of it in fact is quite raw and unpleasant to view.

Innocent dream is like a study of the overall Internet – it’s one term that applies to many different things.


BORN TO DIE (Photo credit: Brian Haider)

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