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Free Dream Analysis

Free dream analysis isn’t easy to find. In ancient Egypt priests helped people analyze their dreams. The thought was the gods Dream Analysis were delivering messages, and it was important to know what the gods were trying to say. Likewise the Greeks had temples dedicated to sleep and dream interpretation. They too believed the gods try to help people through dreams. Such help was often in the form of advice for healthy living. Priests would help people determine the intended message from the gods.

But none of this was free dream analysis. Priests in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece were employed by kings, in Egypt the pharaohs. Those who weren’t employed by royalty maintained temples. Visiting the temples would involve some type of donation, or even a sacrifice. It’s not much different from the modern world in which psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists charge people to talk about their problems. This often includes dreams.

A free dream analysis can be found, especially online. A Dream Dictionary delivers this. It organizes dream issues in seven main categories. Many of these have been detailed in the past. But the biggest category on the site is a general category for everything that didn’t make it into one of the specific categories. Items here could include events, sports, or even spirituality. It’s easy to find almost anything you’ll see in a dream.

Free dream analysis tells us that damage is significant in a dream. Damage could be associated with a storm witnessed in a dream. Perhaps it’s a tornado wiping out a block of homes. It means injury and loss. That’s pretty consistent with what people think of damage. But it can also have a positive meaning. Often before something can be built or created something else must be destroyed. So in this sense damage in the dream could mean that the person experiencing it is ready to move on, ready to rebuild.

Sometimes people experience deafness in a dream. Free dream analysis has an answer for that, too. It means a person feels some lack of communication in their life. That could mean that someone else is communicating poorly, or the person that feels that they themselves are communicating poorly. Deafness can also mean a fear of hearing something or learning some fact. For example someone who has an inkling that a loved one is about to give them bad news will dream about being deaf.