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Meaning Of Dreams

Everybody dreams. And many people believe that their dreams have meaning. Over the years these meanings have been described by everyone from sorcerers FInd The True Meaning of Dreamsto psychologists. It’s fun to try to figure out The meaning of dreams. Thanks to the Internet there are now many sources for people to do this themselves.

One website describes itself as the A-Z guide to determining the meaning of dreams. Its Web address is petrix.com. Using this guide someone can piece together the images found in their dreams to come up with an overall meaning. The website lists a number of main categories for these images. The categories are animals, calendar, body parts, color, seasons, and a catchall category for everything else. An article in the Los Angeles Times recommended the site. Let’s take a look at some of these categories and what they contain.

Animals are often prevalent in dreams and therefore important to the meaning of dreams. This category covers a wide variety of the animals you’ll see in the zoo or in your dreams. An alligator for instance represents primordial fear. It’s a caution, a warning against making snap decisions. If there are ants in the dream that represents hard work and business success. It doesn’t say how to interpret a dream about ants eating you. If an elephant is in your dreams that represents wisdom and persistence. Keep at a difficult task. However lice denote worry and distress.

Calendars in dreams have a lot to do with the meaning of dreams. January as a sign of financial gains. It also denotes a solution to a problem and that a friend may not be what they appear to be. December in a dream means that wealth will soon be yours, but also that a friend will be lost. April in a dream means pleasure and profit is just around the corner. But if the dream includes bad weather along with this vision of April, there could be troubling times ahead.

The next important category for the meaning of dreams is body parts. Dreaming of an ankle means there’ll be trouble followed by a success. Don’t give up. Dreaming of cheeks denotes longer life and prosperity. The finger is what lets you feel. People use the hand and fingers to reach out and touch the world. So dreaming of a finger is a sign of feeling and caring. Look into things, be curious. Each body part has its own unique meaning.

Those are only some of the categories of elements that can be in a dream. All of these elements are keys to determining the meaning of dreams.