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Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is a field that dates back thousands of years. Priests in ancient Egypt were tasked with interpreting dreams, believed to be messages from the gods. Ancient GreeksDream Analysis - What Do Your Dreams Mean? believed similarly. They had temples dedicated to healing where priests would help people interpret their dreams, hoping to find the secrets to health revealed by the gods. That was really not so different from modern psychoanalysts who try to help people determine their mental state as revealed in their dreams. But not everyone has time to visit a psychoanalyst. For them there are places online to find information about dreams.

Dreams A Dream Dictionary, is a great website for dream analysis. It categorizes almost anything and everything you can see and experience within a dream. Then it explains the significance of each of these. Past articles have discussed many of the categories found in this website. This article continues an explanation of the everything else category which contains feelings, sports, weather, and as the title suggests everything not found in the other major categories.

Clouds in dreams have a similar meaning to their motion through the skies. Dream analysis of clouds is pretty straightforward. Everyone has watched the clouds float by at one time or another. They show us the movement of the winds, and the changing weather patterns. In a dream they represent transition. People’s lives are constantly in flux. Dark clouds in the dream can be a sign of confusion. Transition often brings feelings of confusion and helplessness.

Dream analysis treats coffins negatively. Everyone knows the coffins are associated with death. In the dream a person may see a coffin, build a coffin, or even find themselves inside a coffin. Inside a coffin is simple. It relates to unpleasant matters. Often if a person is looking at a coffin in a dream it relates to the end of something, burying an event or idea. If you see someone else inside the coffin that could mean a desire to bury your relationship with them. Ending things isn’t always bad. So coffins in dreams aren’t always bad.

Many people watch court shows on television. Dream analysis covers courts to. A court is a place where a judge resolves a situation or settles a dispute. A court in a dream means resolution, problems end. But the court could also be a sign of something negative. Many people dislike conflict, and have a fear of judgment. That could be expressed in the dream.

Dream analysis is a very large and complex subject. It can’t all be covered in one short article. But it can be found online. Try a search.