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Want To Kill Black Mold? You’ve Got To Get Aggressive!

,use-the-right-cleaner-for-black-moldBlack mold? What is it? Ever walk into your bathroom and scrunch up your nose, wondering where in the world that musty smell is coming from? Well, if you have, you are certainly not alone. No matter how new or old your house happens to be, that musty smell is a lot more common than what most people would like for it to be. What’s the typical cause of that mustiness? Most likely, it comes from having black mold. And let’s face it – you can light as many candles and use as many air fresheners as you want, but if you can’t eliminate the leading source of the musty smell, your black mold will continue to create chaos. Unfortunately, black mold is one of the most common battles that even the cleanest of homeowner’s has to deal with regularly. There are lots of ways to combat black mold and ensure that it doesn’t continue to win any wars.

For a lot of people, cleaning the bathroom is a dreaded chore. You may get those self-cleaning sprays that you can spray onto your shower walls after taking a shower, and while they work well, you will still have to do some cleaning on your own in order to get rid of the mold. The main reason the black mold, especially in bathrooms, is so successful in its existence is because it is typically the one room of the house in which the ventilation and moisture is at its worst.

A lot of moisture will provide a perfect breeding ground for black mold. In fact, sometimes it will seem like it just appears overnight. One of the best ways to cut down on black mold is to increase ventilation. If your bathroom doesn’t have an overhead vent to take the heat and moisture out of the air, it is something that you should consider installing. If you allow for all of that moisture and humid air to simply linger in your bathroom, it is just encouraging the mold to reproduce on its own free will.

One of the most common places for black mold to flourish is underneath any cracks and crevices in your caulking. If the caulking around or inside your shower or tub is a bit cracked, you can guarantee that mold is trying to makes its presence known. Stripping the caulking and reapplying it may be necessary. Once you have the caulk stripped, clean underneath of where it was with a top household mold killer.

Updated Information:One of our knowledgeable readers has brought to our attention that bleach is not recommended for black mold cleanup as previously stated in this article. It turns out that bleach does not actually kill mold, “it only makes it colorless, giving the appearance of clean”. This information has been verified and we have removed bleach as a recommended mold killer.  Thanks to our well-informed reader we have all learned something new today!

So, if you truly want to get rid of black mold, be aggressive. Make some changes and keep the changes in place.