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Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Yamaha is well known for its motorcycles. The company also makes and markets a complete line of Yamaha dirt bikes. These are also known as off-road bikes. Yamaha makes some of Yamaha Dirt BIkes Rulethe best.

Motocross is a form of off-road that comes from the French. It is a combination of the words motorcycle and cross-country. Yamaha dirt bikes do well in this area. Motocross was originally a British off-road event called scrambling. Scrambles, as individual events were known, were an evolution from another type of event called trials. The first scramble was in 1924. It grew in popularity in the 1930s. Gradually the bikes used in these competitions changed from practically street bikes to the bikes more similar to the off-road bikes with which we are familiar.

The major difference between a street bike and all terrain or off-road bike is the suspension. Street bikes generally have more rigid frames. They don’t do well off-road, and are very uncomfortable to ride there. Off-road bikes have upgraded suspensions that help absorb the shock. Riding on a dirt track or in the wilderness can be very bumpy.

Yamaha dirt bikes, like other Japanese motorcycles, began to become supreme in the motocross circuit in the late 1960s. Suzuki claimed the first world championship that a Japanese built motorcycle won in 1970.

Both the Grand Prix of motocross and the AMA motocross championship feature many Yamaha dirt bikes. Each of these is a top motocross series. The AMA motocross championship runs from May through September. The Grand Prix is generally held in Europe. But some events take place in Jamaica, South America, South Africa and Japan. Through the years events have been in many other nations including Australia.

The drivers who take part in motocross using Yamaha dirt bikes, amongst other bikes, are very physically fit. When tested compared to other athletes it was found that they could maintain a heart rate of around 190 beats per minute for 35 minutes. They generally do this twice per day. It isn’t easy to maintain control over a 200 or more pound bike while also maintaining top speed for a race.

Yamaha dirt bikes are also used in a relatively new form of motocross called freestyle. These events involve various stunts and maneuvers. It’s very popular with the fans. One professional biker use a ramp to do a back flip over the fountains at Caesars Palace. That’s pretty amazing.

So if you’re considering a dirt bike, or have interests in motocross or off-road, consider the Yamaha dirt bikes.


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