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Wedding Planning Etiquette

Wedding Planning EtiquetteThere are television shows that display bridezilla behavior as if it is a normal part of the wedding planning process. Though you may think this makes great television, it does not make for a pleasant wedding experience in real life. Those that display these traits while planning a wedding are the ones that are going to be just as controlling and spoiled during marriage. You are going to get the best from your friends, family, and vendors if you learn to use correct wedding planning etiquette from day one. Everyone, including you, will be a whole lot happier without the temper tantrums and verbal abuse.

As far as many are concerned, the number one rule in wedding planning etiquette is to always be kind and calm. There are going to be people who have half a mind to rip off a bride they feel they can take advantage of, but most vendors are going to be honest and fair. If you find that you are dealing with one that is not being honest with you, do not stoop to their level by having a fit. Instead, tell them clearly and firmly that you are going to go with someone else – and then leave. If you have a contract they will not let you out of, use the proper legal methods to break the contract.

Vendors are not the only people that can get on a bride’s nerves during wedding planning. Family and friends can sometimes do things that are very irritating. You may feel like letting them know exactly how you feel, but wedding planning etiquette dictates that you do not do this by going off on a rant. Instead, remember that though your wedding is very important to you, they have lives too. Your wedding may not be their main priority when other things come up. They may not mean to let you down, so don’t go off before you get the whole story.

There may come a time when you feel that someone is simply not taking your wedding seriously enough. If someone has agreed to something, they should do all they can to fulfill that obligation. They may not be. If so, you have two choices. You can yell and scream and threaten, or you can quietly ask them if they would rather be let go so that you can get someone else to help you when you need it. You may find a new side to the story if you use wedding planning etiquette and talk to them before you jump to conclusions.

If you are looking for information about the other aspect of wedding planning etiquette, you want to know when to do certain things and which are priorities early on. It may seem confusing as to what to do first, but there is plenty of help out there. You can get advice from those you know who were just recently married, or you can go out and look at a few wedding planning books that will guide you though the maze of putting together a memorable wedding. These are not only helpful, but many come in workbook form so that you can do all your planning in one spot.