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Morning Exercise Can Help You Slim Down

Morning Exercise To Loose WeightWhat is the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you shamble over to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee or put a pair of pop-tarts into the toaster? Do you pull out a bag of bacon and fry up ten pieces and then make some sunny side up eggs? I am getting hungry just writing this. Is there any wonder we are overweight as a nation?

We start killing ourselves from the moment we put on our worn slippers in the morning until we have our midnight snack. We work at sedentary jobs (most of us) from 9 to 5 and then come home too exhausted to even consider doing anything else but vegging out in front of the boob tube. When do we find time to exercise?

Morning exercise
is a great way to start the day and it will give you loads of energy so that you can get through your typical work day with a spring in your step. All you need to do is develop a simple routine each morning and soon it will become second nature. There is an old saying that if you do the same thing for 22 straight days it will become a habit. I have tried this and it definitely works.

The hardest part of any new routine is starting and in this case it means the very first morning. You need to not linger in bed, but really force yourself to snap awake and jump out of bed, literally. The more energy you do this with the better for you. Go to the bathroom, splash some water on your face and quickly change into your workout clothing that you have laid aside the previous evening before retiring. Good morning exercise is much easier when you prepare for it. After you are dressed for the gym, grab a bottled water from the fridge, a power bar and head out the door.

Whether you are going to the gym or just running or walking around your neighborhood, make sure to stretch for at least five minutes. This will get your blood flowing and warm you up a bit especially if you are in a chilly zone. Now you need to run, walk, or do gym exercises for no more than thirty minutes. You may be tempted to do a full hour but you should resist because you will feel it the next morning and you don’t want to be too tired or sore.

You probably will not be tired the next morning. On the contrary,  morning exercise is probably the number one best thing you can do to increase your energy level. You will feel rejuvenated and pretty soon you will get so used to this routine that you will automatically jump out of bed each morning, eager for action.

You will see not only increased energy levels but also a leaner, more toned body. Your mind will be quicker and you will begin to think more positive thoughts, which in turn will help you to be much more productive during your work day. Give morning exercises a try   and you will get hooked!