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American Girl Dolls – Teach Your Child About History

American Girl dolls are growing in popularity and many young girls are delighted to adopt one of these toys into their collections. The dolls are designed for young ladies around the age of eight to American Girl Dollstwelve but I know some grown up girls that would find these items to be true treasures as well.

There is good reason for the popularity of these brilliant toys. Not only does the child (or collector) receive a beautiful and well crafted doll, she also receives a story as well. Following are examples of American Girl dolls that are on the market today. You are sure to find at least one that stands out as the perfect choice for your child.

The best approach to finding the right American Girl doll for your child is to browse through the selection and have her tell you which ones are outstanding to her. There are so many to choose from that the process of picking just one is a little difficult. It is important that this one American Girl doll is just right for your young lady.

There are basically two fundamental choices to make. Do you want to choose an American Girl doll that is accompanied with a historical story or do you want one that allows your child to make a story of her own. Either way, you are assured to receive a magnificent present that your child will never forget.

The dolls that are accompanied by a historical story come in many different forms. You can choose a Native American Girl doll or a Victorian doll, or even one that represents life on the range. The choice depends on your child’s interests and tastes and I’m sure that any little girl will communicate what she really likes.

Not only do the American Girl dolls teach children about history, people and events; they also teach children about values, behavior and aspirations. These teaching vehicles are wonderful and motivating resources for learning about making priorities and working towards doing the right thing. The dolls and their stories serve as examples.

Creative young ladies may want to choose from the modern American Girl dolls that are designed around their own features. You can choose a doll that has the same features, skin color, hair color and eye color as your own child. This will help her really relate to the doll. In addition, your child can share stories with her new friend.