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Barbie Happy Family Collection

The Barbie Happy Family collection is fantastic. This is one of those concepts that is so brilliant but so simple that I wonder why on earth someone hadn’t thought of it before. We all know that Barbie is a role model for many little girls. She has had many different roles but until now, being a mommy wasn’t one of them.

Well, let me clarify. The Barbie Happy Family set offers a new character named Midge. Midge is pretty versatile. She can be an expectant mommy or a free spirited pal to Barbie. There is a wonderfully cute baby that goes along with the Barbie Happy Family package, too.

I think that this set is fantastic for a number of reasons. First of all, the items are simply fun to play with. My daughter spends a lot of time playing with the Barbie Happy Family. I have even invested in nearly all of the accessories that go along with the set because my child enjoys the items so very much.

I don’t mind the investment at all because I see it as a form of education for my daughter. She is learning valuable lessons while she plays with the Barbie Happy Family play set. Many kids her age find role playing to be very enjoyable. When a child role plays the bond between mother and child, it is purely heartwarming.

I love that the Barbie Happy Family dolls can be used to help younger children learn about babies in general. These dolls can be used especially if the child is going to have a little brother or sister in the near future. This is one of the most appealing aspects of these dolls. They serve as entertaining but viable teaching tools.

One of my favorite things about the Barbie Happy Family is the amazing detail. The dolls even have delicate wedding bands on their fingers. I love that these toys focus on family and relationships rather than shoes, clothes and cars. It’s nice to see my child learning about social interactions and close bonds between parents, children and siblings.

I also love that the items are so very durable. They have taken a lot of punishment and my daughter plays with the Barbie Happy Family incessantly. Many other toys would have fallen apart by now but this set is beyond durable. I’m very glad, too. I can see that she will be playing with the Barbie Happy Family for a long time to come.