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Hottest Thigh Firming Exercise for Ladies

For women all over the world, any type of female specific exercise routine, including exercises to lift and firm the hips and thighs, are going to help improve theThigh Firming Exercises whole body – regardless of age or genetics. Whether your top priority is to enhance the appearance of your worst trouble spots or your overall health and vitality, the proper thigh lifting and firming exercise program can definitely help you get the best results in the least amount of time with minimal risk of harmful injuries.

You were built to walk and move – you were built to for physical activity. But, most modern jobs require a lot of sitting at a desk – especially for ladies. This leads to long list of unwanted health conditions and negatively affects your appearance – and attractiveness (loose flabby, saddle-bag hips and big, thick thighs).

Since we can’t all leave our regular jobs and earn a living by walking/jogging through the streets, a regular fitness program is an ideal solution. Specific thigh lifting and firming exercises are an essential part of that targeted workout routine.

So, what should you do for your problem thighs?

Brisk walking (especially hill waking) or jogging, 3 – five times each week is a great start. Do things that prompt you to walk more (use your body), such as parking your car further away from your workplace and taking the stairway as opposed to the easy elevator (yes, I know you’ve heard that one before – but are you doing these simple things?).

2 to 3 times per week, do specifically targeted thigh lifting and firming exercises, if your thighs, buttocks and hips are stubborn problem areas for you. If you don’t like looking at your lower body in the mirror when you are naked – then this means you.

Beneath, you’ll read the written instructions of an exercise that works well, but it truly helps to have a video, e-guide or detailed photos to insure that you are doing the exercises properly. For some ladies, it is also helpful to exercise in front of a mirror – to check for proper positioning and movement.

Bad form can lead to unnecessary injuries and negate the effectiveness of the exercise – leaving you with disappointing results – and long term frustration.

Here is a great thigh lifting and firming exercise to include your workout.

‘Slow Burn’ Hip and Thigh Lifts (Hip & Thigh Abduction)

Lie down on your right side (preferably on a soft fitness mat), with your head resting on your arm or the palm of your hand. Bring your knees forward – so your hip joint is at a 90 degree angle.

Straighten your left leg (the one on top) so your left foot is out in front of your body, on the floor. Slowly lift your left foot from the floor to the sky (about 3 feet off the floor) – pause for 1 second at the top and then slowly lower your foot, lightly touch the floor and repeat the move. Do 10 – fifteen repetitions and then turn over onto the opposite side and do the same number on the other side.

Are you confused yet?

Typed instructions of thigh lifting and firming movements can be hard to follow, especially to the first time user. A woman that has performed this type of lower body lifting and firming exercise in the past, understands the movement, almost instantly.

But any female who is new to this exercise can quickly become frustrated and helpless.

Thigh abductions are very targeted thigh lifting and firming exercises, but they must be executed properly. And they must be done in conjunction with a series of other lower body exercises in order to give you the body enhancing results you deserve and desire.

Its quite possible that you may either need the help of a fitness professional, a good instructional guide with photos or a video.

Truthfully there’s actually no point in doing just this one thigh exercise, if you are not doing it properly and you are not combining it with the right support exercises. When the right exercises are combined in the correct sequence – you get the body changing benefits of muscle movement synergy and stimulation.

Also – you want to get this right the first time because you could easily hurt yourself and cause unneeded setbacks – that would delay your positive results even longer – and nobody wants to wait longer to improve their body?

The key point is that specific thigh lifting and firming exercises are extremely effective, but you’ve got to be certain you are following a well-structured program that consists of the group of critical exercises you need – and not just one single exercise.

A well planned grouping and sequence of butt, thigh and hip exercises can visibly transform your lower body problem spots into an eye-catching work of art – that you’d certainly be proud of displaying in your favorite swimsuit.